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The Lofoten 2.World War Memorial Museum


The museum is a non political foundation emphasising enlightenment and education concerning 2.w.war showcases an extensive collection focusing on the events that took place in Lofoten and North Norway.

The Lofoten World War Memorial Museum first opened 15.th June 1996. It was a realization of a lifetime achievement and interest by it's founder William Hakvaag.

The idea to make a museum about the events that took place in Lofoten and North Norway has surfaced on several occasions. What triggered the Lofoten W.W.M.Museum was the Lofoten-raid 4th Mars 1941. It is considered to be the first raid of some extent during 2.w.war and it was also the first allied victory over the "Wehrmacht".

Although the Germans were driven out of Narvik earlier in May 1940, they were not defeated and taken to prison.

Back in England the Lofoten raid was considered good news, and hit the front page in every major news paper. It was the 2.w.war first real and total victory. Adolf Hitler was not happy with this and began the construction of strongholds, bunkers and forts in a grand scale in Lofoten and North Norway. Svolvær, for instance, was the most fortified city in Norway. And most of these constructions still stand.

Museum possesses a large library with an extensive collection of literature, original pamphlets and posters from that period. A large number of never before published photographs, mostly from North-Norway, has been collected. This dedicated work has resulted in Norway's biggest display of complete uniforms and smaller artefacts from world war 2.

William Hakvaag
initiator and founder

  As our museum-guest book shows, we have received many interesting and positive comments. As one British 2.w.war veteran wrote (in all humility):"Must be the best museum of it's kind in the world".

The Lofoten W.W.M.Museum display consists entirely of original items, and a tremendous amount of work has been done to insure every detail is as correct as possible. Normally our visitors don't realise the great amount of research it took to assemble a complete uniform. We have also strived to make the museum as realistic and interesting as possible. Soldiers and officers are portrayed like humans in uniforms. Victims of an unbelievable historic event.

The time span 1940 - 45 consists of drama, degradation and brutality.

However those times also contain examples of unselfishness, personal sacrifice and courage.

There is a great lesson to be learned from this period.

If we are not able to learn from these events, we fear for the future of the whole humanity.

And because of that every ticket has on its back these words: "It is now more than 50 years since the greatest disaster ever brought upon mankind came to an end. The war, fought world wide, is known as "The Second World War". Our purpose is not to open old wounds. But in a simple and "clean" way to show the feelings at the time. It shows how easily we human beings can be manipulated, one way or the other, especially when we are young and inexperienced.
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